Nash Jennings Condensate and Vacuum Heating Pumps
Installation, Operation and Maintenance manuals. Seal, packing, and gasket kits for pumps and motor units. Receiver accessories; valves, switches, gauges, strainers. Re-manufactured exchange pump and motor assemblies. Modern pump and motor conversion kits to fit old receivers. Complete new Type CLS vacuum condensate return and boiler feed units using Nash’s unique proven design concepts.
Nash Vacuum Pumps and Compressors
New or rebuilt/exchange Nash vacuum pumps and compressors. With 40 years of experience, we can help you select the right vacuum pump for your application.
Modern replacements for obsolete Nash MVF 15 vertical vacuum pumps.
  Jennings Pneumatic Sewage Ejectors
Replacement ejector compressors, check valve clapper kits, and float switches.
  Vacuum Priming Packages
Liquid ring vacuum pump packages to remove air and lift water to prime centrifugal pumps, heat exchangers, condensers, strainers, etc. Packages are available for jobsite assembly, or tank mounted, piped, and wired for easy jobsite installation.
Stand-alone Vacuum Pump Kits
High capacity liquid ring vacuum pump kits to supplement or completely replace the vacuum producer on existing vacuum, condensate return, and boiler feed pump sets. Our kits do NOT require the use of raw cold water, separate seal or hurling water tanks, or troublesome solenoid or differential valves.

These vacuum pump kits can also be used on one pipe Paul Systems to retrofit the existing vacuum producer. They can also be used to convert one pipe systems to Paul Systems.

  Shipco Pumps
Condensate return and boiler feed pumps, water jet type vacuum pumps, Deaeretors, low NPSH and multi-stage centrifugal pumps.
Turbine type condensate return and boiler feed pumps.
  MEPCO/Dunham Bush
Pump and motor assemblies, repair parts.
Condensate and boiler feed pumps.
Atlantic Fluidics
Quality all American made liquid ring vacuum pumps with unique “axial flow” design rotors that provide an additional boost to the pump discharge. These pumps are ideally suited for “wet” applications that have a high probability of liquid carryover.
  Russell Pump & Engineering
High quality condensate, boiler feed, and water cooled centrifugal pumps, available with stainless steel receivers.
Tunstall Air Vent Valves for Steam and Hot Water Hydronic Heating Systems
Made, assembled, tested and inspected in the United States. Brass internals with nickel plated and hand polished exterior. Offer wide adjustment range with simplifies balancing of heat to each radiator.

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  Progentex Silencers
Industrial separators and silencers for vacuum pump discharge, compressor inlets, and other silencing/separating applications. Interchangeable with other brands.
  SSI Equipment
Basket and wye strainers from 2″ to 20″ pipe size. Butterfly gate valves and water type check valves.
  Custom Floats
Ball, cylindrical, and oblong shapes. Copper, stainless, aluminum, steel, and other exotic metals to 14″ diameter. Weighted if necessary. Tell us what you need, we can probably do it!


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