Oak Services Company’s history dates back to 1970 when it’s founder, Dennis Pataki, started working for The Nash Engineering Company as a service technician.

The next 7 years he gained experience servicing and repairing virtually all of Nash’s products including vacuum pumps and compressors for industrial applications like nuclear and fossil power plants, hospital and laboratory installations, food and chemical processing, municipal water and sewage treatment, paper and steel mills and other applications. His work also included service and repair of Nash Jennings vacuum, condensate return, and boiler feed pumps.

In 1977 he was promoted to Regional Service Manager, managing Nash’s Chicago Area Service Center. During this time, operations grew to a 9000 square foot shop, fully equipped with overhead cranes and complete welding, machining, and testing capability.

It was during this time that Nash was considering product rationalization. It was suggested that rather than abandon legacy Nash Jennings products, a line of conversion kits be developed that would allow customers to retrofit their old units with modern pumps and other components.

The success of this Heating Pump Replacement Program led customers to ask for complete new units. These requests led to the development to the new TYPE CLS vacuum units which we continue to produce today using the design concepts perfected in Nash’s earlier MANIFOLD, UNIT TYPE, and TYPE CSM units.

In 1996, Dennis was assigned duties as Heating Pump Specialist. This allowed him to concentrate on managing all aspects of Nash’s vacuum and condensate pump business for steam heating applications. Product designs were refined and well received in the marketplace.

In 1998, a change in Nash’s management resulted in the closing of it’s Downers Grove, Illinois Sales and Service Center. This left no one in the company to support the established heating pump product lines. With the support of Nash’s management, former colleagues, vendors, and customers, Dennis started Oak Services Company.

Today we continue to offer customers the benefits of over 40 years experience in the vacuum and condensate pumping field.

Our goal is to use this experience to offer customers the most efficient and cost effective solution to their pumping problem.

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